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Our Expertise

Industrial Design

We design incredible IoT devices for retail, medical, and industrial, embracing a "less is more" design approach.

Electronics Design

We create ultra-low power designs utilizing LoRaWAN, Bluetooth LE, NB IoT, solar technology for optimal performance.

IoT Applications

We design insightful dashboards, exception reports, customized solutions and simplify connectivity.

The TekLabs Digital™ Approach

Innovate, Collaborate, Succeed


We work closely with our clients, sharing ideas and understanding their goals.


With our extensive IoT experience, we advise on the best technologies for your product.

User Centric

Through the power of UX design, we make product usability a priority.


We adapt. We listen to feedback and pivot when needed.

Complete IoT Engineering Services

At TekLabs, we create exceptional, integrated IoT products. 

Our multidisciplinary expertise in user centred design (UX), industrial design, electronics design, and cloud based computing builds ready-to-ship integrated solutions.

Our approach ensures a congruent experience that resonates with your customers, making your vision a reality.

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Exceptional User Centric Designs

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